Hello from Charlotte, NC


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Hello from a non-professional car care guy!


I've been trying to keep my cars looking like new since my first car in '81.


I've been through all sorts of off-the-shelf products before finding 'enthusiast brands'.


I started with Griot's Garage products, including a PorterCable PC (when GG was still selling them), and the GG polish/wax line.


I then discovered that Klasse was easier, gave better results, and had longer-lasting protection than the GG stuff.


Then I moved on to Zaino (still great stuff), before reading about Opti-Coat on some internet forums.


I started with Optimum No-Rinse when Charlotte went to 'no car washing' water restrictions a couple of summers ago. Being able to use the ONR in my garage allowed me to maintain a clean car and to work within the city 'no wash' regs.


Two years later, I purchased the Opti-Coat (and some Optimum Tire Shine) to do the wife's Murano (because that thing has acres of hood & roof, and I don't really like having to put the time in to keep it up), and the results have been more than impressive.


The wife's car sits outside most days, under sap-dripping trees (with their birds), and under the hot Carolina sun.


The OptiCoat has now gone 3 months and looks and beads like I did it yesterday. So far, the performance far exceeds the Zaino Z-CS and/or the Klasse HGSG.


The appearance of the Tire Shine has also made me a believer in the Optimum product line.


Thanks guys, for making products that look like I spent hours working, but that actually require very little maintenance!


As my other products start to run out, I expect that I'll be trying even more from the Optimum line.


Until then, thanks again! & Keep on going - I love better results with less effort!!!

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