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Next,'08 Aston Vantage, same client as the Lexus, just came back from the track, so just needed a good clean-up. Car is covered almost 80% in a clear bra so not allot was needed. I corrected this car back almost new condition before the bra was put on so I know any defects on it where going to be on the bra. Just minor light buffing was all that was needed. Opti-Coated before the bra install and also coated the rims too, owner can't believe that with heavy racing pads the dust just washes off with a hose without even touching them! Also using Wolf's "The Mask" sprayed on the front end and around the wheel arches, the tire rubber just washes away!(Another great selling point Jesse)


ONR wash

OPT MF finishing pad with GPS on FLEX

OPT OS on top

1Z Cockpit and 1Z Deep Plastic cleaner on the interior











Next Nissan Altima '11, client took the car in for her first oil change and they gave her the first RIDS for free! She told them not to wash but you know what happened! Cars only got 1870 miles on and has been ONR washed since birth. Nissan Black=suckness with super soft paint! I've worked on GTR's that weren't this hard to correct! After allot of trial and error it ended up finishing down perfect.


ONR wash

OPT MF Compounding pad and 105 on FLEX

OPT MF Finishing pad 106FA on FLEX

LC Black and 3M Ultra on FLEX Rotary

All wipe downs induced marring with all kinds of towels and all solutions used

Ened up doing a ONR wash and then topping with Opti-Coat






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Beautiful work! I'm not as familiar with the Optimum terms yet, but, what did you use on the clear bra to correct it? Just curious because I have one on my car.


Optimum Micro Fiber Polishing Pad and Optimum GPS. You have to be VERY careful working on clear bra's.

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