Hello from Allentown, PA!

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Hi all!


My name is Andy and I'm new here. I've been having fun detailing for a few years now, but, since I'm getting some more customers and running out of time to take care of my ride I'm going to Opti-Coat my Vue. I'm really excited to do so as I've heard so many great things about it. To top things off, my friend was kind enough to give me Compound II, Polish II and Finish to use on my car. I can't wait to try them out on my car as we did on his Civic yesterday and the Compound II has an amazing work time. I will say I do use A LOT of Meguiars products and I thoroughly love that company so please don't be offended. I really like OPT, too though. You guys put out great products and are very humble (like Meguiars) which is very impressive to me.


I do have one question. I have Meguiars 5 inch MF pads and 4 inch foam polishing pads. Will the compounds from OPT work okay with them?


Hope to see everyone around soon and thank you in advance for the help.



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Welcome to the site, lots of info here.


After doing 2 tests with the Megs MF kit ( against the Opti MF pads and Hyper Compound & Hyper Polish ), I cleaned the Megs MF pads and started using Optimum Hyper Compound and Hyper Polish on the megs pads tossing the Megs product.

I prefer the Opti MF pads to the Megs ones, I am just trying to recoup some money out of purchasing the Megs kit.


The Megs foam pads, I would guess they would work just fine with Opti product on.

I use the Lake Country Foam pads, but I would imagine they are the same. LC does not have a So1o pad, so I cannot comment on how that would work, I would think the same way ( supposition on my part ).


Again welcome to the site !

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Thanks Perfections and sscully! I do enjoy the D300 and D301 very much but like yourself, I want to try and use the pads I have. Right now, I am stuck with a PC 7424 (non-XP) and it is relatively underpowered. My speed setting 5 is 4600 opms which is close to speed 4 on the XP and G110v2 (4800 opms) so I always have to work at 5 which is kind of a bummer. I would like a Flex 3401VG but I'm not sure I want to spring for that much. I am half tempted to buy a Chicago rotary from Harbor Freight to start and learn on a rotary since it's only a whopping $39 LOL. Right now my most aggressive pads are the MF cutting followed by the 4 inch polishing pads.


Thanks again for the input. I really want to prep the car using OPT products to get the most out of it.

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New member here too!


The speed control on my Chicago tools/Harbor freight is not consistent. It speeds up and slows down depending on how hot it gets, and bogs down quite a bit when applying pressure. I usually am at the very lowest setting on the adjustment knob which is probably part of the problem. If I turn the speed up it doesn't have that speed problem, however it is too fast to work with safely (for me). It can get the job done, but bottom line it isn't even worth $39 in my book. Maybe mine was a fluke? You can always buy and if bad return it.

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