Hello (and Howzit) from TX!

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How's it going, everyone! Thought I'd take this opportunity to give an intro. I'm Hawai'i born and raised, but have been in TX for 14 years. Though I've been doing detailing for years (I helped my dad maintain the family cars), my total knowledge and understanding was very basic and limited. Can anyone remember Simoniz Paste? This was back in the day before liquid and spray waxes, microfiber towels, sealants and DA polishers. Two bucket method? Wazzat?? Clay bar? Huh?? Grit Guards? I Don't know what you're talking about. I think you get my drift.


We used cheap, store bought cellulose sponges for washing, chamois for drying, cotton towels or bath towels for buffing. As you can guess, scratches galore. But hey, at least they were clean and shiny!. And don't even get me started with Armor All on the tires, which attracted dirt like crazy, and left interiors greasy and slimy as heck.


But things have changed mightily since then. Simoniz paste is no more. Meg's and Mothers are still going strong, and more manufacturers have appeared, offering superior products. Now we have Zaino, Pinnacle, Black Fire, Chemical Guys, Collinite, Dodo Juice, Poor Boy's, and of course, Optimum, just to name a few. The list goes on and on.


I've learned more about detailing products in the past year then I have in almost my entire lifetime. I gotta thank my pops (God rest his soul) for starting me on the right track. If I turn out to be an OCD whack job about my car's finish, (which I think I rapidly am becoming) I have my dad to thank. Or blame. LOL


My previous car, an '02 Saturn SL2 in dark metallic green, single stage with no clear coat, I detailed using the 'old school' ways. Swirls, scratches, etc. But my new car? Totally new ball game. No terry or bath towels, and certainly no chamois, will ever touch my car again, thank you very much. Next up will be a claying session, followed by an all star lineup featuring all Optimum products. Well, almost. To my knowledge Optimum doesn't make clay bars. At least not yet. But I'm sure the good ole Dr. G will have one soon.


Well, sorry to bore you guys with my long-winded story. Today's my day off and my wife left me with one of her patented "Honey-Do" lists.


Take care and be safe!



p.s. The forum screen is difficult to read. How do I make it full-screen?

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Welcome to the forums, a lot of good info on technique and product usage here, helped me a great amount so far.


The yellow can of Simoniz, recall it, that is all I used on my '81 Ford F100.

- At times I thought I was going to need a hammer and chisel to get it off.

Same thing, old bath towels and cheese cloth to remove product off the paint.


If I were to look at that paint condition back then in the present day/.... WOW, I would be embarrassed to drive it.

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Hi Ross,


I saw your post and wanted to welcome you to our forum. Also, if you are visiting the forum through the www.optimumcarecare.com site, it’s hard to read because it opens inside of that site. You can type www.optimumforums.org in your address bar to get directly to the forum without piggybaking the other page and that should fix your viewing issue. If it doesn’t, please feel free to contact me for assistance.




Thanks, Chris! I added it to my bookmarks.

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