OC and single-stage paints (newer cars)

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I just finished reading a thorough review of Opti-Coat 2.0, and it was a very detailed and masterly review. At the end was a Q and A session with Doc G. The following is an excerpt:


3.-Can Opti-Coat 2.0 be applied to single stage paints of any age?


Opti-Coat 2.0 was designed for clearcoat paint and it should be applied after the paint defects are removed. We have not done any long term testing with this product on single stage paint.

There are several professional detailers that have applied Opti-Coat to single stage paint after removing all the defects and oxidation with great results. They might be able to provide more information on this application but the main purpose of this product is to protect clearcoat from the elements and premature failure due to over-polishing.


This has me a little concerned. My current vehicle is a '12 Honda Fit in 'Taffeta White' and it is a single-stage paint. Any chance that OPT will develop (or maybe do more testing) Opti-Coat for non-clear coated cars? Assuming that the paint is in good condition, properly prepped, etc. I like the idea of putting a layer of clear on my car. That plus the fact that it's permanent and requires minimum upkeep. Perfect for 'lazy' people such as myself. LOL





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Ross, on newer cars with single stage it works perfect. If you have a car that's super old with single stage, you need to make sure the paint is free of oxidation and polished to the best of your ability before applying. But since you cars so new it's likely to have any oxidation so prep it pretty much like its a clear coated car :) All the newer single stages I've done have experienced no problems with bonding or durability.

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I only have about 5 or 6 weeks on it so far...

I am OC'ing the SIL's new to her, 2002 mustang that has a "hot iron" red single stage paint job, over the factory red paint.

It is paper thin. I gave it a polishing with Hyper Polish on a black pad, and then a quick Hyper Polish on a blue pad prior to OC'ing it. I did not get all the defects out, but it shined prior to the OC application.

- I was too chicken to go all in on the defects, considering how thin the top SS paint job is by my estimates. There is a chip on the hood that had an Autozone "close enough red" touch up on it that did not fully take. The layer there is paper thin.


Only time will tell if this does anything, I only did the hood so far, and waiting to see what happens with the oxidation.

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