The Ultimate Porsche 993 TT Full Restoration Detail


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Thanks for looking. I know I only posted few photos but on this one but I went totally crazy.... Lets start on rear spoiler photo. I actually removed the whole rear spoiler then strip everything one by one and piece by piece then gave it a full cleaning on a 4 feet pool / tub with Optimum Power Clean took those yellow top air vents off, then the black inner rubber vent underneath, rubber drains, rubber alignment, screws, bolts & washer was detailed too then soaked into an antirust oil for a week until everything was finished. Also the turbo badge was removed spotless with zero trace on it so I can paint correct evenly then Opti_Coat piece by piece.. now on this one I went really crazy. Also on a short description, Too make long story short. I had the engine removed for total detail / restoration then airbrushed applied Opti_Coat on inner painted areas that is not even visible on eyes just to preserve its finish. Now, Isn't that full on optimized insane? Will post more photos soon. Thanks again for looking :nerd[1]:

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