'12 Audi Q7 Twin Turbo Opti-Coated

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This client contacted me through a forum and had just purchased a '12 Audi Q7 Twin Turbo in Obsidian Black. He is a very educated "car guy" and he knew what he was looking for...Opti-Coat! He drove down from Oklahoma just to show me the car and take it in for it's first service. We discussed what he wanted done and after looking at the car, it was in perfect condition! I told him DO NOT let the dealer wash the car! Well guess what? They did! The next day I got the bad news! Being in the military, getting a schedule worked out was tricky, but for military soldiers I will move my schedule around for any of them! It's the least I could do! Well my client left his house at 5am to make this happen, in the rain! Well after seeing the car, it didn't really surprise me as I see allot from this dealership and this was typical! Marring everywhere, and the clear bra was the worst! We also were going to debadge and rebadge with carbon fiber Audi badges. First I would like to say that we all know the quality of Audi's fit and finish, but they have outdone themselves on the 2012 Q7's! Beautiful cars! I can see why my client fell in love with it! We started off by stripping and claying the car. Having been well taken care of, this was the easy part! Rims had Wolf's Rim shield installed and Glass shield on the glass, there were holding up well! Door jambs were kept immaculate! We settled on a full correction and Opti-Coat installation. The minute we finished washing the rains came back and didn't stop until we finished the car! For an Audi, the paint was soft, hence the marring! Lots of deep RIDS all over the hood and quarter panels. Nothing the Flex DA and Optimum MF pads couldn't handle though! Enjoy!


Dawn/PC wash

Sonax FE on the wheels

Clay Magic clay

Flex DA Opt. MF Polishing pads Opt. HC/D301

Flex DA Opt. MF Polishing pads Megs D301 on the Bra

IPA wipedown

Opti-Coated and on the rims

Tuff Shine System on the tires







Just an angry stance!








In between rain, no sun at all.



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Looks amazing!!!!!


Wow that paint....amazing what a bad wash can do in a hurry! I too agree those are sweet and the way the wheels look in the wheel wells is sweet mixed with the I call hybrid car/suv look is amazing. Great recovery, and thanks for sharing!

Anybody who is on the fence about how poor washing technic can't flaw a finish should take a car to the dealer for there first wash! Thank you!

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