OP + PS + OS + Subaru Legacy

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ONR washed


Vertical surfaces polished with a PC, LC Orange pad and OC (after seeing it in the sun today, the hood needed more correction or my pad picked up something which induced swirls)

Entire car got PS with PC and LC White pad except the bottom half of the doors and the bumpers..those got ZAIO by hand

Entire car got OS everywhere





Hi, I'm a really difficult car to make look wet but look at me!



My flakes pop!


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How is the test going on the WRX?


I would like to see some smokey burnout pics please! :kicking[1]::thumbsupup[1]::tv_happy[1]::drive1[1]:


The PS+AW vs ZAIO+CS? It's been over 2.5 months and both sides look very similiar!


I'd tear my tranny out before I could get some sweet burnout pics hahah

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