Fastest way to wash an SUV like an X5 - ONR or normal wash?


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Hi all,

I have been using ONR with some smaller cars like a Mini cooper and BMW 3 series for a while.

As I am washing with a lot of caution, I find that ONR takes about the same time as a normal wash.

Perhaps I don't need to be so carful.

We don't get snow, mud or anything bad around where I live, it's basically like LA, but with a bit more rain.


With a bigger car, like an X5, I am not sure which way to go.

Who's had experience with SUV's and ONR?



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Most of my day is consumed with maintenance washes for customers. I use onr for 90-95% of them as its a time saver, unless covered in dirt or they haven't been washed in forever. Cars, trucks or suv's. Now if you overly cautious with onr and your more comfortable with traditional washes then they could be faster. When I show people how to use onr for the first time sometimes it's a slower process, but once you get it down it's a time saver. Usually I do so many onr washes I do traditional on my personal cars just to mix it up a bit for nostalgia :). Btw optimums regular car wash smells great, rinses off well and seems to not effect waxes/sealant in any negative way! I know it's not talked about much but it's really a great product as well.

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In line with what Chris said, I've been using a hudson sprayer to presoak each panel/portions of the car. I then use either a zero cuff mitt, or the Bone MF mit by Cobra with the ONR Method. This stuff is the "bee's knees."

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