2009 Toyota Highlander

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So today was my first day trying out some OPT products, and i have to be honest, it has taken me quite a bit of time to dial them in for some reason. Anyhow, i'm only 30% done, but ill post my progress and maybe some comments can help me when i get back at it tomorrow.


My goal is as much correction as possible (on paint that isnt too bad) to Opti Coat as an LSP.


here goes. Ill list the products used with the images.


Prior to CG CWG








After CG CWG (i found it to have some good cleaning abilities, but too much gloss left behind IMO for stripping LSP which is nattys liquid blue and WGDGPS).






CG CWG didnt really touch the KAIO on the windows.





Nest was deconatmination with the Ultima Elastrofoam block..did leave some light marring, but really cleaned the paint nice.






some marring on the painted plastic bumper shroud...




So now with the polishing...i used the Optimum Polish II and i started with the Optimum MF polishing pad. i liked the pad, but i didnt seem to get the correction i was looking for for some reason...i used the PC at speed 5, and it finished nice, but still had some slight correction needed...so i swapped out the mf for a LC HT Tangerine and the Polish II, and finished with LC HT Crimson and polish II.








here is a shot of the area behind the rear window...I dont know if you will see the swirls in this (camera isnt the greatest) but the first one shows the swirls, the second shows the correction with the LC HT Tangerine and finish polish II.






Thanks for looking. if you see any glaring issues please let me know. i hope to finish the rest of the two step polish (Poliosh II with LC tangerine followed by LC Crimison)tomorrow night and ready for OC. I did get a slight bit of dusting (which i think was the pad honestly), so ill need a quick rinse down before i OC. problem is i dont have any ONR...

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One thing you need to make sure you are doing with the microfiber pads is to clean them after every panel. Once product builds up, they loose their cutting power. Keeping the pads as clean as possible whether you are using a brush to clean or air from an air compressor will make a huge difference. From my personal experience, I think the microfiber cutting pads are superior in the compounding stages, when it comes to finishing, I have better luck with foam.

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hey justin..thanks for the tip.


i definately did clean them after every panel with a brush...


i kinda thought they would have been better at compounding too, but like i said, i only used the polish II and i had the finishing pad because i didnt really feel it needed compound, . i think the finish im getting the desired results with the foam pads, i was just hoping to knock it out a bit quicker with the MF if that makes any sense...

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

I was also going to suggest the MF cutting pad. One other thing, are you using dedicated lighting to find swirls? I didn't see any in your pictures so I wasn't sure. Without proper lighting, you nor your camera are going to be able to "find" the swirls.

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yes Mike i did have some "proper" lighting to find the swirls...while i wanst using a brinkman, i have some powerful handheld lighting that are both LED and Halogen...i think they work alright at detecting the swirls...i will have to eventually invest in a true swirl finding light though...

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Gotcha. And my apologies if I came off sounding like a jerk. I was just trying to help since it didn't look like you had a light source.

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