Who around Orange, CA can properly install opti-coat on my black challenger?


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Hey everyone, looking to put OC on my 2013 black challenger, it was professionally detailed so theres probably not anything at all that needs to be done to correct the paint before application-other than a good wash and remove existing wax. Possible clay lightly just as an extra precaution but theres probably nothing that will come up.


I live in Orange, CA and need to find someone who can properly put this on. Also, after its on and cured can I top this with a wax like FK1000P as an extra added peice of mind for me or no? Thanks for any help.

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I know I'm late to this thread but just wanted to say THANKS for the shout out. I don't think we ever scheduled the Challenger though I may have talked to him. We've been pretty busy lately. Regardless, thanks!




Contact Richard at showcardetailing over in Anaheim. He's on the Authorized installer list.

He has his own shop and a super great guy to deal with.

He did a full paint correction and Opticoat on my black BMW.



I second Richard at Showcar!!!!!
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