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2013 stared off quietly enough, but as the days of January rolled on, there has been one big, significant change: My wife and I decided, after much discussion, to trade in our old cars (2012 Honda Fits) and upgrade to something better. Turns out to be a great decision. Both our new cars, 2012 Honda Civic LX's, offer better ride quality....MUCH more quiet and smooth, more engine power, and signiicant technological advancements. And the fact that Civics get better gas mileage than Fits is icing on the cake.


And the colors? My wife's is White Orchid Pearl, and mine is Crimson Pearl. Her's is a very interesting color. In the shade, it appears silvery white, but in the full sun, it changes into a light blue, with silver undertones.


And to continue the tradition of naming my car with a Hawaiian female name, I've decided to call her 'Kalama lani', which means 'Flaming torch from Heaven'. Which is actually fitting (no pun intended) since after giving her a detail, she positively gleams and glows like a torch, especially in the sun. I think its also fitting that I use OPT products. You guys will just not believe the amount of depth and glossiness that this particular color provides. Just think how much better it will be after a full detail session: claying, polishing, etc.


No pics yet, but I'll be uploading them soon in the future.


Happy Detailing, everyone!




p.s. Can anyone recommend a non-abrasive OPT polish? Perhaps Polish II? I'll be using LC CCS Eurofoam White Hand Pads.



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