PS on the one hand, GPS on the other....


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Greetings, one and all!


OPT's AIO products sound VERY appealing to me....polishing and sealing in one step is going to save me alot of time. I like the fact that you can top PS immediately with OCW, since it has no cure time. GPS, from what I've read, has a cure time of about an hour. As of right now, I'm leaning more towards PS, since I can top it immediately. But then again, GPS has that glaze aspect that will help cover-up very minor defects.


Decisions, decisions....


I'll be polishing by hand using LC CCS white hand pads. How hard should I rub? I'm not looking to get out many defects, since whatever I have are so minor. Just looking to clean and seal the paint. And at present I have only two white pads. Would it be a good idea to soak the dirty hand pads in some warm water, rinse well, squeeze out any excess water, and continue using the same pads?


And a few more questions regarding PS and GPS. How long should I work them? How long should I wait to buff them off? Are they 'sun friendly'? I live in a condo and finding shade is problematic.


Sorry for the length of my thread. I'm just an avid enthusiast searching for answers.


BTW, my car is a '12 Civic in Crimson Pearl. And we all know how 'soft' Honda paints are.



Happy Detailing, everyone! :D



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@ Chris. I've read with PS you can add 30% polishII to PS if you want more cut. Can you do the Same with GPS and hyper polish? Is GPS the sprayable PS or are there more differences, like Cleaning ability and cutting grade and protection?

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That tip came from a detailer. You can be the one to test this theory. Just be sure to shake both before blending. And you will probably need to ditch the GPS sprayer.


Ok I didn't know that. When I find the time I Will test it. I Will use the sprayer From hyper polish. Thanks for the reply and the instructions!

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John you won't be disappointed! GPS is amazing! Easy to use, does a great job cleaning the surface, good amount of defect removal if used with a d/a, and last a long time!


Thanks, good to know. I will top with Opti-Seal in a couple of weeks anyways. :spoton[1]:

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