How Do You Strip / Remove Old Wax for Opti Coat 2.0


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I'm planning to apply Opti Coat 2.0 my car next week. The car is new, just a few months old but I've waxed it many times (Klasse AOI). So may question now is, how do you strip or remove the wax (AOI) safely? Most paint cleaners I read are abrasive. Could someone recommend a product that will only remove the wax or will the use of clay and Eraser or IPA simply do it?


Been Googling this for hours but can't find the right solution. Thanks.

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im going to suggest that you polish it with OPT finish is not overly abrasive, but you want to ensure the paint is properly prepped to accept the OC.


the Klasse AIO is actually a really good product IMO and I found that stripping it from my truck windows with only CGCitrus did not remove it and it was about 8 months old....i had to polish it to ensure no KAIO was left, so im going to think your many applications of KAIO will be difficult to remove without polishing.


here is a pic of the beading after the wash with CG Citrus...




the rest of the paint was stripped of the LSP (not KAIO)but it really held on the windows and rquired polishing.


You will be very impressed with the shine the finish polish gives!, and you can just wipe the polishing residue with a damp MF to be ready for OC application. couldnt be easier!

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Thanks Primo, sorry for the late reply, but can you recommend a product that can be made by hand application? Really need the stuff as I don't have any machine to do the polishing things.


Any inputs are very much appreciated. My opticoat just arrived this morning, hope it will be sunny on Sunday here at Saipan, my day plan in applying it. Yeah, really KAIO is a good product. I applied it in my mirrors inside the house (room and bath room) and worked well indeed.



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