OPC dilutions for initial sealant/wax strip, and, pre-wax cleaner?


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just read the 'wiki' post, and a bunch more in these, and other forums. i've found lots of wildly varying opinions so far, but not yet an 'official' recommendation from Optimum. so ....


i'd like to use OPC for two purposes:


(1) Dawn-soap-equivalent wash to strip all wax/sealant from car's exterior paint/trim surfaces prior to clay/recondition

(2) After polish, pre-wax cleaner to remove fillers & oils. Should this be *just* OPC+water, or as an additive to a mild shampoo?


Is OPC appropriate for these uses, and, if so, what are the recommended dilutions?





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You can use OPC in your (1) scenario...so for trim, tires, for removing wax off the paint...

...but if you are gonna polish the car later than you are gonna remove wax either way...so you dont have a need to use OPC as a wax stripper.

For your (2) scenario I say you are better off using OPT paint prep or 30% IPA mix. Its designed to remove polishing oils off paint.

In short I wouldnt use OPC for any of these situations except for cleaning and degreasing trim!

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