OK, did I screw up Opti-Coat 2.0?


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Brand new Porsche. Agate Gray, which is a medium gray with taupe highlights in the sun. Asked the dealer not to polish or wax the car, just pull the self-adhesive plastic off the panels and just hose the car off. Then at home I followed directions to properly prep the paint.


I used the shop towel over rubber glove, over the foam pad method, per the video. Applied 1 panel at a time.


OC2.0 went on as expected, using the pad to try to even out all the rainbow/oil slick high spots. Applied compressed air to increase drying, then used a MF towel to rub out remaining high spots until the entire panel was totally clear.


It did have a lot of drag to it when I finished, no slickness as you predicted. Took me about 2 hours and two Sam Adams. Finished around 8:00 PM.


By noon the next day, it seemed to feel smoother with less drag. I was pretty happy with the reflectivity, too.


Then I read on the Autotopia.org Forum that you purportedly discovered at SEMA that OC2.0 CAN be layered? So I figured, what the heck? If a little is good, a lot must be great, right?


So last night at 8:00 PM (24 hours after completing the first coat) I started again.


This time it seemed that the first coat was repelling the new product. I really had to work it around to get full/even coverage. The compressed air did not seem to dry it as easily. And most importantly, I really had to work it hard with the MF towel to get it all evened out. Really worked up a sweat.


Did I screw up? I haven't seen it today yet. Left before dawn to fly cross -country. Back late tomorrow, so first chance to inspect it in daylight will be at the 60 hour mark.



2nd question: speaking of reflectivity, is there a way to measure it, other than the eyeball test? Is there a tool or meter or something to measure? If so, what is OC2.0? How does it compare to one of the highly respected carnaubas?


Also, for that special occasion when you want the car to really jump at you and feed the primal need to feel some slickness, even though it will only last until the next rain or car wash, will OC Quick Detailer increase the reflectivity and/or the wet look?


Likewise a good carnauba like P21S 100% over OC2.0?



Thank you in advance. You guys are great.

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I'm not quite sure why the OC 2.0 was tough to coat again so I'll let Chris answer that one, but honestly, I think one coat is plenty. Trust the product.


As far as screwing it up, no. You didn't. It isn't going anywhere after 24 hours with a MF towel. Check it out when you get home and if you have any high spots wait a week and use some Poli-Seal by hand on a finishing pad to even them out.


Now, as far a gloss and slickness from OID.... Oh, heck yeah! Try it and you will be amazed. I still have a tough time believing my eyes when I use it. Unlike other QDs it really does "enhance gloss" I don't use any other QDs anymore.

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You're welcome! Yes, I mean Optimum Instant Detailer. It gives a coated car an almost carnauba glow. Fully delivers what it promises and you can make up to a gallon of ready to use formula with one 32 oz bottle of concentrate.

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I'm pretty happy with it. By Thursday it had leveled out and had a very high gloss, very smooth. Looked like a hard, clear candy shell on the car. Also, it seemed slicker than I remember. Backing it outside into the bright sun, I could not find any high spots.


I had some finger prints on the doors. Waiting for my OID to arrive, I used some Speed Shine and worked them away. Nice slickness. I assume the SS will wash away with some of the 3 gallons of Mothers Car Wash I'd like to use up before ordering Optimum. See any issues?


Drove it in the rain today and it got a good layer of Spring road film. Hosed it off and most disappeared. Amazing stuff. Using a mist spray, i got tiny little beads which merged together into bigger beads, that then quickly slid off the car. Then used heavy stream and it all sheeted away.


Will wash it with MCW on Monday or Tuesday, after this storm blows through.




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