A completely thrashed Audi S5 restored rescue & opi coat protected @ Detailien hive


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Obh of my buddy seech


Always had a thing for the Audi S5.


Beautiful car... This particular Phantom Black S5 was a beautiful car with not so beautiful paint...





We are often asked, "How many steps paint correction do you do?", as many shops quote a 3-step, 5-step, 11-step, etc. paint correction package.


The detailien's simple answer would be, "As many as it takes...".


The art of perfecting paint is knowing not only what to do, but also what can be done and what can't.


Based on the hundreds of cars which we have done, we know what level of correction can be achieved and what tools and techniques can be used to achieve the results the owner is after.


Take this S5 for an example. The paintwork is really in quite bad shape.


Very much like a Porsche GT2 which we did some time ago...





50/50 on the Porsche.



We were able to transform the GT2 and this S5 would be no exception.


A shot of the paint before shows how bad the paint is.



A test spot was done to see what level of correction could be achieved as this particular S5 was to be alien Coated after correction.





The hood was taped off to carry out a 50/50 to show the owner the level of correction achieved.


Note the hazy appearance of the uncorrected hood which is what we term as holograms which was actually damage to the paint caused by previous attempts at 'detailing' this S5.



All paint defects removed after correction.












Fully corrected.



The same paint condition was found on the doors.






Close up of the 50/50.



Same on the roof. Clear damage caused by previous 'detailing' attempts.






All ready for alien Coating.



Do check out our page on "How to get started" for a step-by-step guide on proper car care to avoid such damage to your paint.

detailien.com- Optimum Car Care Malaysia: WHICH PRODUCTS DO I NEED?


More to come from the detailien HIVE.

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OHC & OHP? Wow, I have no idea how you get such great results on hard paint. I always found OHC to be quite a mild compound but I guess this is the difference between someone who does a bit of polishing (i.e. me) and a true expert.


Always enjoy reading about your work on the forums

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