The Ultimate OCW applicator!


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With the recent release of Opti-Clay to the US market, you now also have the best Spray Wax applicator you can get. Use OCW as a clay lube of sorts, but with it's thicker consistancy you get no marring, and a finish thats so smooth you wont be able to resist touching it.


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Very Interesting to think of this.

Are you saying that the clay is the best applicator?


Would you clay with ocw after polish?


Would this be a wax stand alone procedure, or would you

blend this in with your normal maintenance?


Is there anyway to optimize this for paint correction?

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We have been using OCW and Clay together for years and have never had the clay degrade, nor marring , the key is not to apply pressure to the clay. Instant detaler will not protect from marring as well as OCW does.

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hhmmm.....never tried it with claybar before. i applied it with a wax applicator before buffing off with a microfibre cloth.

that seems to work well for me as i get to spread the OCW evenly over the panels (applicator wont absord OCW).


usually im using microfibre cloth to apply and buff it at the same time. thus way tends to have uneven application (just my 2 cents)


im comfortable with the applicator and buffing off with microfibre.


will try the OCW with claybar next and see how it goes. thanks for sharing.

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