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Long time hobby detailer, recently left a 10+ year relationship with Zaino products to try opticoat and various other optimum products and haven't looked back! I own (2) black cars. A VW GTI in black magic and a Mazda CX9 in jet black. Opticoat keeps me sane! Without it, I was going bananas keeping my cars clean!! I also keep my step dad's fleet of cars clean which includes a 2012 Shelby GT500, a 70 Chevelle (both black) a white 69 camaro, full size ram truck, a white Mazda CX9 and a blue VW beetle conv. So needless to say, opticoat will be a godsend. I currently have only used it on my own cars as I learn the proper application, but soon I will be adding the families fleet. I look forward to learning more and keep making peoples eyes pop out of their heads with this opticoat shine!

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