Getting my first post out of the way


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Just joined last night and thought I'd get my first post verified and done with :-)


Been using ONR wash and shine for a little while now but only recently tried spray wax, which I'm a big fan of, and just ordered some Poli-Seal which I'm looking forward to trying.


Here's a couple of photos of a recent clean I did of the other halves 1-series. Was last polished over a year ago! Has since just been subject to infrequent washes with AutoSmart Duet (Wash & Wax combo).


This is nothing more than ONR and a single layer of Optimum Spray Wax and I was very very happy with it!


Both shots straight off an iPhone camera.





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Thanks. Duet is canny, it serves it's purpose of making a job a one step thing, but it is certainly jack of all, master of none. Does it's best work as a maintenance wash on an already cleansed car.


Just realised the top one was cropped by Instagram so not the original picture. Can't really tell a massive difference on the phone screen, but it clears my conscience lol



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