Hello from Canada


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Greetings Folks.


My name is Cameron and I live in Ontario, CANADA.


I've joined the forum because I'm a weekend detailing nut who can't keep my microfibre mitts off of Jessica, my 2009 V6 RAV4 Sport, so I am always eagerly looking to increase my knowledge of detailing/cleaning products and techniques. And speaking of which...


I started out like most with Meguairs products, but more recently have worked with Liquid Glass polish and detailer (as seen in the pic below), and the Zaino line of products. For waterless wash I use Poor Boy, but have just received a jug of Blackfire waterless wash which I am eager to give a spin.


My initial attraction to this website was because I am thinking of having my RAV4 Opticoated by a detailer nearby. I still have oodles of question about the product and process, so here is probably the best place to find answers.






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Roll Tide in Canada, eh? I have the same red RAV4 V6 Limited (2012) and have been using Optimum products for 6 years (and my bumper sticker says Boiler Up) - there are some very experienced people on this Forum and they love to help!

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