New ONR and OPti-Seal videos coming soon

Anthony Orosco

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Well I finally got around to doing a video on how to do an ONR wash and also some polishing plus a short deal on OptiSeal application over the weekend. I'll post them up this week sometime after I get done editing them and find out how and where I can host the entire video instead of only sections of it.


The ONR video is about 15 minutes long I guess and the other one is another 15 minutes, perhaps longer.


Sorry for the wait, thanks for your patience :thumbsupup[1]:



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bumpity bump.

Why not use google video?


Yep, that's what I am going to use....BUT...........being the fanatic I am about stupid small things and never being satisfied I have been wanting to add a few things to the No Rinse video in the way of various application methods. One of those situations where you watch it and then think...."Oh man, how come I didn't tell them this or show them that??" DOH!


So it will be done soon.....(man, I sure hope so) :thumbsupup[1]:



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