ultimate detailing machine???


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Does anyone use this orbital machine....of course the adds make it sounds like its the best thing out there, which I thought the cyclo was.... I need a new buffer....I've been using a friends PC...but they just don't have enough power to really correct anything....even with compound and LC yellow pads.....


For minor polishing and waxing I like the standard PC, since its light and easy to move.....but think I need something stronger for correction....is the UMD a good choice, or just spend the $$$ and step up to a rotary and be careful.....the makita will go down to 600rpms.....thats slow enough to not really burn much....


I dunno

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Just buy a rotary.


Hitachi makes a pretty nice rotary and if you really want something that straddles the best of both worlds...go Cyclo! In all honesty every machine has its pro's and cons. Cyclo is hard to fit in tight spots, rotary can burn, and pc lacks power sometime......prob why I own all 3!! :beerchug[1]:

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Or buy an orbital with forced rotation mode. Rotation+jiggling is the safest and quickest way to polish.


Such machines: Bosch 1250DEVS, Makita BO6040, Festool Rotex125/150, Flex 3401VRG, etc.

The latter has only forced rotation+orbital mode only while the others have the normal orbital mode PLUS the switchable forced rotation+orbital mode.

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