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Hey what's up people! Just found out about this forum recently, and I am more than happy to join it. I found out about Optimum products a few months ago when searching for a product to clean up my car. I purchased a 32 oz. bottle of Optimum polish and have alot of experience with using it, and I absolutely love this stuff. This product is what made me such a big fan of Optimum. My bottle is running low since I've polished many cars since then, so I will be trying out Poli Seal next, since it takes care of so many steps at once. Yesterday, I used Optimum polish with a rotary (too lazy to wait for my PC to get things done) and black LC VTC pad @ 5-600 rpm to clean water spots off my hood, and even with 0 cut on the pad, the polish still managed to clean most of the dirt and poo off my car's finish.


I also recently purchased Opti Seal, and I think it is a fantastic product. I am having streaking problems which I would like to talk about on this forum, so I will be posting about that soon. But for now I'll just post these pics of my car. It is a Nissan Sentra that I picked up back in April. I got it from a dealership here, who applied some glaze product to hide the tons of swirls and scratches that the car had. I looked the car over more closely at home with a halogen lamp and noticed a ton of scratches all over the car--something my eyes just couldn't pick out when I was at the dealership, since the sun was already going down by the time I went to check it out. Anyway, I spent a good week or more cleaning up the car, working on one panel at a time. I had alot of experience with Meguiar's fine cut cleaner, so I started with that and an LC orange pad and went to work with my PC @ speeds 3-5, depending on what I was trying to fix. I noticed that the clear on this car was very soft and easily scratchable with the fine cut cleaner, which removed scratches easily, but left alot of marring behind. I eventually cleaned up the entire car with Optimum polish, starting with an LC orange pad, then moving up to a green LC CCS pad, then finishing with a white CCS pad. I used my PC to work the OP into the paint (my rotary was broken at the time and I was saving for another one). Definitely not recommended since this took forever (stick with a rotary when using OP). After all that, I glazed the car with Clearkote Red Machine Glaze (fantastic product for black cars), and top that with Meguiar's NXT. The result is shown in the below pics. Very poor picture quality, sorry it doesn't really represent all the work that I've posted above (which probably bored you to the death if you're still reading, sorry again). But the car certainly looked alot better than it did when I first picked it up. I should have worked up to a black pad, or hmm, maybe even a red pad (waste of time/product?) with Optimum polish before waxing, but I am content with the shine at the moment. I just can't stand how easily black paint shows imperfections though.






Anyway, glad to join the forum, and I look forward to buying and trying more Optimum products in the future!



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Worldcrafter...welcome (or Aloha) and welcome to the club. Take your time, kick back, and get to know the cast of us crazies who hang out here. Glad to hear you are having positive experiences with the Optimum products. If you are getting low on stuff be sure to check out the Optimum storefront that Anthony has set up in this forum. He has great prices on all your Optimum needs!!


So far as your streak issue with the Opti-Seal. You aren't the first person to report this. One of my customers, and I, both had issues with minor streaking no matter how light we applied the product. What worked for me was, after I OS'd the vehicle and let it set for a few minutes, I then went over the streaked area with a clean microfiber towel. I very gently rubbed the streaked areas and that seemed to make it go away. Hope this helps.....

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