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1. Don't get personal...EVER!

2. No matter how weird, whacky, bizzarre, unheard of, dumb a position might be, we all have a right to have a position...even those from other nations!


Qualification: I will enforce these rules, first via private message, next with a warning, third...that will be up to the "Commitee of Three". Anthony, Ron and Myself.


So, at this point, who are you starting to think of voting for? Why? What is motivating you one way or the other? Do you even see a candidate worth voting for?

I'm a bit non-plussed at the moment. I think they are all liars, as usual, and both parties are corrupt.

I'm stuck with BIden, Barrack and Edwards on one side and Giulianni, Thompson and pick a third on the other.

What do you folks think?

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We have a very ugly mess on our hands politically these years of late and a huge division has occurred throughout Americans over it.


I, so far, am most impressed with Huckabee far more than any other Republican and my vote will most likely go with him. Clinton and Obama do nothing for me and while I want the Iraq situation to be over with as quickly as possible I also know what will happen if we leave before the job is done.



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