The Ultimate No Rinse Test

Anthony Orosco

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This Ferrari has been sitting in one spot for over 2 years. Sadly it has been vandalized and used as a litter box for some critter. The owners wife came to look at it and was really sad about the condition it was in and it turns out she is ill and with all that her illness brings they can't look after it as they would like. She asked if I would wash it as they want to get it towed and fixed.


I couldn't wash it with my pressure washer and suds because 2 cars were parked right next to it and I couldn't move it because the battery is long dead....and some nut cut, ripped or punched a hole in the convertible top :angry:


So I broke out the Optimum No Rinse and put it to the mother of all tests to date.


Here is what two years of dust and grime look like.




Notice the stains? That's where a cat decided to leave a few gifts.









Here is where some fool keyed the crap out of the drivers door.









Before I started this I wondered if it was even possible to see out the windshield.......umm, that would be a negative :angry:


I had to literally vacuum the glass off before using the ONR.....the convertible top was ready to grow a crop of potatoes!










I did have to hose down 2 areas with a very light flow of water. These were the front and rear lid fins or vents. The stuff accumulated in there was incredible and the ONR method just wasn't flushing the stuff out. Other than that all other exterior surfaces were done with ONR, about 4, 3 gallon buckets were needed to get it all off plus 4 large towels. I still have the wheels and front and rear fenders to do later this week.



So here are a few shots of the Ferrari after a No Rinse wash.....I'll be detailing it some time later as it needs a new top, paint and body work plus who knows how much motor/transmission work.























She also wants the interior done......but I'm scared to do that as I have no idea what might be living in there :angry::lol:

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