Wet Sanding


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I'd really like to see a tutorial on wet sanding.


Now I know we don't want joe blow running out and blindly spitting on sand paper and saving :o the neighborhood from paint blemishes, but I have ample evidence to show that my current black paint was sprayed (cheaply I might add) over my original Porsche paint. There are small areas like the very edge of the sunroof that show chipping and expose the black underpainting. So, good info on wet sanding would be super. I would also LOVE to see a professional body shop person added to our list of experts. I know one or two, but wouldn't presume to ask them to come around without approval.

Anyway, I'm about to do a DIY dent removal and corresponding prep work to get my rear 1/4 panel painted, so some wet sanding tutorial stuff would be fantastic.


Other stuff...real care for leather and vynil interiors (do they still have vynil tops :blink: ) (or is it vinyl?)

How to care for pads etc.

The differences in various machines and how to use them properly

How to figure out if you have a clear coat or a single stage paint job

How to care for "Pure Corynthian Leather! :D (in my best Mantalban voice)

OOHH Aluminum Wheel restoration. (My Porsche phone dials look like Dukies! err I mean dookie! Go HEELS!)

There are some starter ideas.

Thanks to who ever can supply these tutorials. I'll be happy to edit for grammar etc. if someone will write them.


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Hey Ehall,


Great suggestions, thanks for bringing those up.


Ron and I can do a wetsanding tutorial and I have been doing alot of video lately as I'm trying to get better at filming and editing.


I want to cover as many of the Optimum products and their application as I possibly can, both written and in video. I have an 01 black Carrera coming up that is a repaint in some areas and it may need a wetsanding in those areas plus Ron is going to be removing some dings in it. Maybe we can video some of that.


Thanks again,


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I can tell you any thing you want about wet sanding.

I do it every day and hate it.

I have a key scratch about 2 ft long. What grit should I use to take the edge off of the scratch? Should I start with a certain grit and go to a finer and finer grit as one would with polishing pads?

Would it work to use the 600 grit metal polishing pads and hyper compound on the cyclo, rather than wet sand the area?

The last thing is that I have severeal paint chips in various areas. What grit should I use to remove the edges from these? Any other things I need to know but failed to ask?

Thanks in advance Ron.


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