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well i am new to this forum. i have read alot of good things about this line so i finally decided to buy some. i have OC OP OPS. i am using a dewalt 849 and 8" edge 2k black green and blue wool as well as a 3m foam finishing pad.


everything video or posting i see/read says use very little product. what is considered very little? well i used about a quater size and it seemed to have dried up real quick. i spread it with polisher off turned it on at 1000rpm moved to the right back th left and it was gone. i used the green wool. as soon as i get another camera i will have pics. this was on a single stage paint and it seemed to do nothing for the swirls. any and all suggestion greatly appreciated. i want to give this line a fair chance. so disappointed with the MENZ i have. my Wizard Products worked better than the Menz

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Welcome to the Optimum Forum ;)


If you have questions please post them up in the area where they will get the attention they need and this way we can address them so others with the same questions or concerns can also see and read them.


Thanks and enjoy the forums!



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