Driven Auto Detail: 2005 Jeep Cherokee 5.7 Limited - White

Guest Driven Auto Detail

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

This customer was referred to me from a local body shop. Customer is in the National Guard and was getting sent to Iraq so he wanted to get it cleaned up, ready to sell. The exterior of the vehicle wasn't in too bad of shape. It appeared that it was run through the local car wash recently as the hard to reach areas of the exterior were pretty dirty. The front bumper cover was pretty beat up and there were some scratches on the passenger rear quarter panel. The interior was awful. They have at least one kid and so there was a lot of debris spread throughout. There were a lot of stains as well.


Service: Mini-Detail

Vehicle: 2005 Jeep Cherokee 5.7 Limited


Wash with Optimum Car Wash

Tires received Optimum Tire Shine

Paint received Optimum Poli-Seal via UDM and Meguiar's yellow polishing pad

PS buffed off with Optimum Car Wax

Exterior glass cleaned with Duragloss Rain Repel


Interior vacuumed

Carpet mats cleaned with water/woolite

Interior plastics and leather cleaned with water/woolite

Interior glass cleaned with Surf City Glass Cleaner


Unfortunately, the sun was no where to be found so the pics are a little dark.






















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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Thanks Ron! His wife told me over the phone that the interior was pretty dirty, but that's what everybody tells me. Needless to say, my jaw dropped when I arrived at their house. The good thing is that jobs like those provide the best before/after pics :)

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Thanks Anthony! By the way, after seeing your steamer video, I decided to buy one. It'll be here next week. I can't wait to put it to good use! I really could have used it on this vehicle! hehe

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Thanks gimpy! I have no idea how people let their cars get that way. Fortunately, those people like to pay to have it "fixed". :thumbsupup[1]:

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Wow, great turnaround....I always tell my wife that her car would look like that if she hadn't married she should be thankful that I'm obsessive! :thumbsupup[1]:

Great job on the jeep!


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