Sealant on repainted


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It's no problem to polish and wax your car hours after being repainted so seeing that your paint is past 30 days you can polish and wax it until your heart is content :thumbsupup[1]:




So are you saying that the old rule my dad taught me with my first wait 90 days for paint to full cure before waxing/sealing no longer the case? Are modern clear coats...even those used in autobody shops...faster curing, or cure in a different way? I know that new cars in the factory are force cured so that they are safe to wax right away, but I wasn't aware of this being the case in a repaint.


This information is pertinent to me also (I was going to start a new post to ask, then found this one) because my GF's car was just repaired after a parking lot accident with a new front bumper and paint. I want to protect it, but I am not sure how to go about it with new paint/products technology. The last repaint I took care of was my 66 Mustang back in the eighties!

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