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Optimum No Rinse & Shine


What is No Rinse Wash & Shine?

An advanced rinseless bucket wash system that utilizes lubricants & substantive polymers to emulsify dirt particles. No Rinse Wash & Shine, Optimum No Rinse or ONR, can act as a waterless wash, cleaning quick detailer, and clay lubricant.


As you apply the ONR solution to the paint, the polymers protect the paint (from abrasion and marring) and emulsify the dirt in the wash solution. In your rinse or solution bucket the dirt simply deposits at the bottom or in the rinse water. While using ONR you will notice a distinct slickness and lubricity. It is reported to leave a certain glossiness & protection behind, but I would say it is minimal at best.


No Rinse Wash & Shine can also be used to wash motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, and planes. Also recommend using it for apartments or points of low access to water.


Why Use ONR?

ONR is useful during drought seasons, situations of low access to water, and harsh weather situations.


You do not need to rinse each panel since ONR absorbs the dirt. You can wash anywhere, including shaded garages since the water run off is very minimal at best. During freezing cold months you can use ONR in your garage or in super hot months under shade.


Most importantly the water consumption is very minimal, at the most you use 1-2 Gallons of Water. ONR is also environmentally friendly since the wastewater can be deposited in sinks and there are no soapy surfactants or run off.


Faster & Safer Washing, many users have found waterless washes are actually safer than conventional washes since the polymers protect the paint. The traditional wash has a higher chance of marring the paint since you rely on soap and water to emulsify the dirt. You go a lot faster simply by carrying one bucket and microfibers around the vehicle working each panel than moving a hose to do 2 rinse stages.


How to Use

2 Capfuls (1 Oz) to 1-2 Gallons of Water

1 Ounce for Conditioning & Softening regular Car wash solutions

2 Ounces per Gallon of Water for Clay Lubricant

6 Ounces per Gallon of Water is a Cleaning Quick Detailer


- One or Two Buckets of Water – (5 Gallons preferably) Warmer is better. One bucket for Rinse, one for ONR solution.

- 5 – 10 Quality Microfibers - Waffle Weaves & Plush Pile Microfibers really help for the dry stage.

- Optimum No Rinse – Having diluted ONR in a spray bottlesto pretreat the vehicle really helps avoid any paint marring.


1) Mix ONR and Wash Medium

2) Apply Medium to paint, (usually squeezing excess amount of ONR before in the bucket helps.)

3) Wipe side to side / Up and Down, allow the solution to do the work and simply glide the medium over the dirt

4) After wiping LIGHT passes, rinse medium to allow the dirt to deposit. You have the option of using a rinse bucket of fresh water, or simply going into the ONR solution bucket again.

5) Dry paint with microfibers. Inspect to see any marring.



Continue working around the vehicle, top to bottom. I like to use a Quick Detailer during the dry stage to further make sure I don’t miss any dirt. Reserve wheels last for the dirty or leftover ONR solution.


Tools & Mediums

Microfibers Mitts or Plush Microfibers – Microfibers have an immense absorption ability and are durable. They would probably be my first recommendation for an ONR wash.


Natural Sheepskin Wool – Ever popular Sheepskin is always a good medium to use for any washes as they are extremely soft when wet and naturally absorb dirt.


Cotton Chenille Pads – By preference I never recommend cotton, but with ONR the texture of cotton works probably just as well as wool.


Grout Sponges – Usually sponges aren’t recommended by Detailers unless they are made of specialized foam (ie. Ulti Mitt from Lake Country, Schmitt by The Edge, DF Concours Cube, Zymol Cube) However Grout Sponges with ONR absorb and rinse out extremely well. Cheap, but even more of a leap with ONR.


Grit Guards are usually a bit overpriced, but they do help with helping the dirt settle at the bottom of the bucket.


Demos & Guides:

No Rinse Guides by Anthony Orosco of Ultimate Reflections/



Optimum Products are professional products built by detailers. This product is not marketed as an “end” all product for consumer market. It is well known on multiple detailing boards to simply wash the vehicle faster, safer, and with minimal water usage.


An older less advanced version of ONR, Quick & Easy Wash from ProtectAll was commonly used by Boutique Detailers on Autopia for awhile. What users have noticed is ONR further builds on the rinseless technique and adds slickness & lubricity. Here’s a guide that you can use as reference for the rinseless technique:



This wash is not suited for heavily embedded dirt or mud drenched vehicles. I also do not recommend using it for heavily or baked on brake dust.


You can go to Coin-Op Washes to prep wash the vehicle by rinsing off excess dirt or to use the treated warm water.

Further Autopia Articles:


Please let me know how I can improve this, would like to publish this on my website as a guide for all potential users. If any of the Autopia/Vendor links need to be removed I don't mind.

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