Opti coat Pro via Airbrush Questions


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Hi guys,


Just saw Chris Thomas' video on the above and would like to try it out. Got a few questions for which your help and opinions would be much much appreciated!


1) For the airbrush, may I know what compressor to use or at what air pressure should I set the compressor to?
2) Can only siphon type airbrush be used and not gravity fed ones?
3) Must Opti Coat Pro be diluted with Xylene for use in an air brush or can it be used neat? Is there an alternative chemical apart from Xylene that is more commercially available?
4) how do you clean the airbrush after use? As in, to clear any residual opti coat pro from the air brush.
5) How much Opticoat Pro will I need need to do up a MPV such as the Citroen Grand Picasso C4 with moon roof?
6) Is it really not necessary to do a quick wipe over with a MF after application via airbrush? If needed, how soon after the application?
Thanks guys in advance!!
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