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Guest Salvatore Minnella

Hi folks,


First post and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm fairly accomplished hobby detailer. I've been at it for almost 40 years. Just do my own stuff and the occasional friend or relative. If I do somebody elses car it's never for money but just to help out a friend or elderly relative. For me the look on their face is what makes it worthwhile!


While I can't say I've tried every product I've tried dozens and dozens over the years.


The Optimum line has become my favorite and my goto products. So much so recently I was spring cleaning my detail cabinet and I threw most everything else out or gave it away (some pretty good stuff too). For me Optimum products are easy to use, they work as advertised and I get excellent results. I also like knowing that all the products are compatible with one another. No guessing or experimenting.


I don't remember exactly when I started using them but I'd say it was a good 10 years ago. I was turned onto Optimum from SCOTTWAX videos on Youtube. I never posted to much in detail forms but I read a lot (not so much lately but in the past), picked up many good tips and tried them out. I would then incorporate what I liked and ignore the rest.


Here are some of the Optimum products I use:


  • ONR
  • All-in-one
  • Opti Seal
  • Opti Wax
  • Opti Gloss
  • Glass clean and protect
  • Opti car wash
  • Opti APC
  • I've tried Opti-coat 2.0
  • Just had one car done with Opti-coat pro (I'll post up some pics). Had this one applied professionally as it wasn't available to me otherwise
  • I just ordered Opti Glass coat (didn't get it yet but looking forward to trying this out)
  • Opti tire gel (just started using this about a month ago and it's my new favorite goto tire dressing)


If I sound like an Optimum fanboy it's because I am! I don't want hype. I just want products that work. I've one more than one car show using Optimum products ;) Thanks for the excellent products and keep up the good work!


When I first watched SCOTTWAX using ONR years ago I thought to myself "that is nuts". Then I tried it and now I'm a believer. I still use traditional washes and even waterless washes but I like having a bunch of tools in my arsenal so I can select the most appropriate one for the job.


I live in New England so I'm no stranger to harsh weather. My cars look 100% all the time thanks to Optimum products!


Looking forward to picking up some tips from the experts here...

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