Reason for this forum???

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I have noticed posts from members as old as 3/4 months... Their questions have still not been answered, whether the question has been asked before or not, the fact remains that it still has not been answered. What is the reason for this or any forum. I have posted questions that still have not been answered, if I am doing a project, ie. Decon, Polish, applying a coating etc. and I have a question, the time in which that question is answered is important. If I don't know the answer then I ask the experts... I find it very interesting...

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No, it wasn't a thread I started, it was this one:

just read the MDR and Ferrex thread... border line homicidal, dislikes animals, steals laundry change from the unexpecting, you my friend are a cool dude... :thumbsupup[1]::rock[1]::bottom[1]:... just kidding. you were just trying to repair a glitch in the software so to speak...

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