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Ron Harris

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Ok this is a video of product X. It was applied to the car a month ago.

The car has just sat out side at porsche next to a body shop and 100 yards from the freeway.


Every car that sits on the Porsche lot longer then a couple of weeks acquires contamination from cars on the freeway as well as the body shop over spray and dust. We had a mud rain the night before the video was taken so the car was very dirty.


We rinsed the car down with a pressure washer and it released most of the dirt right away.

I inspected the finish and was worried that the finish was contaminated. I could feel roughness on the surface.

Anthony and I decided to wash the car to see if it would release. I as blown away at the results every thing washed off with the first pass and the car look as good as it did the day we first finished it.

A lot more work is yet to be done with this product. Some of the first test panels are still going strong after 3 years.

It will be a high performance product with some type of guarante. This is why it will be a pro product.

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There's a learning curve to its application. This is a professional product that will require training to apply it and also be trained in just what it can do and how to also sell it.


More details about it in the near future.

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I also have some video to post up but I'm having issue with it at the moment :censored[1]:


Here though are 2 pictures I took today.....3 1/2 years after its application to the hood of a clients car. Now this car has been washed, only washed, it has never been polished or waxed by me or anyone else since this application. It's been to the dealer for service and washed porters and it's also been to the body shop for repairs yet after those 3 1/2 years it can still be seen right where I applied it.


Now the reason it looks the way it does is because I applied the product in several lines, not the whole hood, so this product was applied in a few stripes only.
















Hopefully I can get the video working.



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Wow there will be doubters, how is the "Beading", I mean that sarcastically. What else is expected from the training in San Antonio? Wow if this product works out it's going to need some different marketing approach.

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