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I met Anthony a while back when he was recommended to me off another forum. I was doing some detailing work on my car myself, but at the time I hurt my shoulder and didn't have the time to get my car ready for a show (which I won btw 1st place in two areas thanks to Anthony!).


I have recommended Anthony to many many people over the years! Well, I purchased back in 2005 Optimum Polish which I haven't even used, and plan too with my PC. I also have a new limited edition NISMO 350Z I bought back in June/July. The car has been clayed, and prepped with Zaino since it was new. It has no swirls in the paint at all. So the car is in excellent condition. I have a show coming up April 12th with our local Z club. We usually have about 90 cars show, and I want to get the paint really ready for it. But I really want to do this myself. I have all the color pads, and just need some advice on which color pads to use (orange, yellow, green, blue, white, black). I have all the supplies as well. I have Poor boys, P21, etc. I even purchased a Pressure Washer for the house, but I have used it under the car to clean it. :censored[1]:


So anyways, I am rambling....... I want to get my car ready, but also have a friend which owns a Pearl White Z that has a ton of swirls in it. Bad bad. And he wanted me to help him get this car ready for the show. Is my Optimum Polish up for it? Any advice would be great. I was thinking of using the Poor Boys (Purple compound) first with orange pad, then going to the Pink stuff, then over to Optimum then P21. But I will listen to the experts here first. :)


Anthony, you should be getting a call from a guy with a Blue 350Z I recommended him to you last night. His paint isn't bad, but it needs a little work.


And just for fun, here is a picture of my G35 he detailed that won at the show and my new Z.









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Hey, now that's a memory jog!


I sure do remember you and the car and I was very happy to hear that you not only loved the detail but also won your event!


Thanks for stopping by, we'll get to your concerns and do our best to help you out and also thanks for the recommendation :)


Nice ride by the way :censored[1]:



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Welcome to the forum. I've never had the pleasure of working on a Z but I'm able to use OP and OC with good results on my '02 Jetta as well as older model GM trucks with the harder clear. Maybe someone else could chime in and give you some better advice on this.


Check out Anthony's video in the tutorials section where he uses only OP and a variety of bads on a Ferrari panel that's in rough shape. Here's a direct link:



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Actually I did find that video and tackled the white Z today. And made a complete 180 on the way it looks. He was amazed that the car looked new show car ready after the work was done. 6 hours, washing, engine cleaning, claying, and working on the car to see what method would work best took me a little while because how bad his paint was. But OP worked like a champ, and finished it off with P21S.


Nice to see you again Anthony.....I am one of the main people on for the Z club. We are having our car show in April on the 12th at Champs off i-10, if you are in the area, come on by.

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