opti-coat, opti-gloss, finish polish and megs ultimate compound

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Finally getting around to applying my opti-coat2.0 and likely opti-gloss (second vehicle) once it arrives tomorrow. When I picked up the opti-coat, I read I could use meguiars ultimate compound as long as my last product was optimum finish polish. A IPA rinse would not be required as long as I used the finish polish prior to Opti-coat. Is this still valid statement? Same for opti-gloss application?


For opti-coat, wait 1 hour between coats?


What is the realistic lower application ambient temperature? Downside to cooler temp - slower solvent flash?


Thank you in advance!

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You need to be careful using the Meguiars (products are heavy with oils that inhibit bonding) - using Optimum Finish (or Hyper Polish), followed by wiping any residue off with damp microfiber would allow you to skip IPA. Method is the same for 2.0 or Gloss-Coat. Apply the second coat anytime between 30 minutes and an hour is optimum. We don't recommend applying at temps below 40 degrees and flashing/curing is slowed in cooler temperatures.

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