Question About Polishing Motorhomes and Trailers

Steve H

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Hello there pros! I have a question for you. I sell various products to some of my local mobile guys and recently a mobile guy told me he was doing a trailer/toy hauler and needed to know a good polish for it. Do you treat a trailer or motorhome the same as you would a boat? Or is there something special you guys have found for the exteriors of trailers? I have only ever polished cars and small boats. Thanks in advance for your input.


PS: This detailer, kinda a know it all, says boats/motorhomes/trailers are all completely different animals in the way they need to be buffed and polished.


PSS: I am only referring to standard trailers...not Airstreams with the metal exteriors

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It's most likely fiberglass and if that's the case then he can use PoliSeal on it. It will work just fine on those surfaces as a one step.


If he needs a bit more then Optimum polish followed by PoliSeal or the spray wax would work just fine also.



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As always.....thanks Anthony!! I kinda figured as such but I wanted to be sure as I haven't had this question before.



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