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It seems like this product will empty my garage since it has so many uses. However I have a few questions between two of your products:


Is there anything that ONRWW can't do that original ONR can? From browsing reviews it seems like no but I have to ask.



The reason I ask is:


1. when you clay a car isn't it best to have no fresh wax in the way? Isn't it counter productive since I am waxing in the dirt making claying less effective? Even if I add a polish, can some wax remain making sealant harder to bind?


2. If I don't clay or polish, will the WW mess with my sealant bonding?

3. Did I read right that this is an all purpose interior ( leather, rugs, dash) and exterior (rims, tires, windows). Again, will the wax make the leather and windows less clean?


4. Is this product technically a Waterless Car wash too? Autogeeks ( not sure if they own optimum but very well written tutorial and why I am buying this) shows how I can make this into a quick detailer. Since rinseless is already superior to a quick detailer ( more surfactants and lubricants) and you are adding 8 oz to 1 gallon of water (that is a lot), can I use this as a waterless car wash for slightly dirtier scenarios than I would for quick detailing my entire car between washes?


5. When I am in the mood to rinse and wash the old fashion way, can I just use this instead of car soap all together? The write up says I can "add 1 ounce to wash water with your regular wash" but is that even needed. I would think rinsing would only make ONRWW even better to not marr. Why even have car soap anytime with this unless rinsing does something bad?

So some questions are for ONR vs ONRWW and some are for the entire product line all together. Sorry for all the questions but I thought the forum would be better than emailing the retailer. Also this is my first post =)



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First, Daniel, ONRWW has all the attributes of ONR with the addition of carnauba wax. Wax is no problem for clay, in fact some pro installers use spray wax as a clay lube. Wax and Seal can be used together without issue. The amount of carnauba in ONRWW is not enough (if used in the proper dilution) to cause streaking and the product can safely be used on all interior surfaces. Optimum is an independent company from Autogeek. ONRWW can be mixed into a waterless wash (we recommend 10 oz to 1 gal) and that is also a strong pre-wash or quick detailer formula. As you point out, that formula is stronger than typical instant detailers. Rinsing wastes water and necessitates drying which can create marring. You can add ONR (or ONRWW) to a traditional car wash for it's water softening ability and to encapsulate dirt to reduce marring.

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Thanks admin for very quick response. I guess ONRWW it is. My garage is going to look pretty empty soon. So ONRWW has enough wax to provide slight protection in between a full wax but not enough to mess up anything else. Also this is technically not a waterless wash (wink wink) but can be used as a very slick QD for a quick entire car rubdown in between washes. This is so much more affordable than UWW which can be used as a "waterless and rinseless."


One more question if you don't mind.

There is much debate between a Regular Wash and Rinseless/Waterless wash. Using a quality product like Optimum, logic would dictate in terms of powerful surfactants, lubricants etc. it would go: Car soap, rinseless than waterless.

So when I feel like doing a full wash ( I still like old fashion way), wouldn't using ONRWW with traditional methods ( pre rinse, light wash, rinse, light dry) be the ultimate no marr strategy. I would be using the powerful solvent of water combined with the slickness of ONRWW. So basically, isn't this a replacement for car soap absent the price? Wouldn't ONRWW plus traditional car wash rinsing make marring pretty much impossible?

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You can use ONRWW as a car soap replacement though that is not it's design. Most marring is caused during drying, not washing, and drying is easier using ONR and a bucket than the traditional hose and 300 gallons of water. It's your choice...

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