Wow!! So glad I got Opticoat


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Just wanted to share. Already posted in Porsche Macan forum


Went on a road trip to Lake Tahoe, and final night in hotel was parked under a tree. Woke up to tree sap which looked like it had been sprayed (like paint overspray) all over the hood, windshield and roof. It was sticky on the windshield (didn't want to "touch" the paint to see how it felt). Was really worried about marring the Opticodat when trying to remove it this morning while washing it. Most if not all of the sap came off with just a hose spray, as did all of the many bug splats. The sap did not come off the windshield with the hose, but a few wipes with a ONRWW soaked microfiber removed that as well


Suffice to say very happy with Opticoat and that I was able to spend 30 minutes on a really dirty car and have it looking showroom new)


Before and after pics (might have to zoom in on before to see the sap








Great product guys!!

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