Newbie, 2 questions.


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Used ONRWS for first time. Great experience in drought ridden California. Used 1 gallon of water.


Q1: Dislodged dirt is blue/green in color. Proof that it's been encapsulated by ONR?


Q2. What do you do with the used microfiber towels? Discard (they're less than 50cents each and I used four, so that's $2.00 on towels per wash)? Not bad at all.


Q2b. Or do you wash them? With what? ONR?


Thanks ONR for a great experience. Threw away my California duster (scratchy). Would not mind doing this every week or so.

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welcome, Bobbydon, that blue/green color is proof that ONR is encapsulating dirt and you'll see a mar free paint finish (dirt would leave marks on your paint). You can wash/re-use towels - wash with detergent as usual but do not use fabric softener. If the towels stop absorbing water as well, add a little vinegar to the wash.

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