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I decided to join the forum after deciding to coat my car. But I have two major concerns:

1. How safe is to remove Opti Coat? One detailer said to me, that he knows base on how the polish reacts. It get smoother when the coat is gone. Other told me that he measures the coat. Knowing the thickness of the clear coat and knowing the thickness of the OC he then knows how much to remove. My concern is removing too much clear coat. What are your comments?

2. If Opti Coat Pro doesn't have any UV inhibitors how doe it protects the paint? The whole point of waxing a car is to provide UV protection and prevent the paint from deteriorating. So how exactly is this achieved by Opti Coat? One detailer told be it prevent oxidation but what about fading or any other potential UV damage (if any)? Do I have to apply wax over the Opti Coat to prevent UV damage?

Other questions:

3. What is the difference between the Pro and Pro+? Why is one better than the other?

4. Are certified detailers "better" than non-certified? What does it means to be certified? Meet better standards? Should I go with a certified one?

5. How long can the coating last with proper maintenance? I mean, can it last more than the warranty states (5 or 7yrs)?

6. One detailer told me that Optimum does not honor the warranty, that they blame it on no proper care. That is discouraging.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the Optimum Forum, I'll try to answer your questions:

- Opti-Coat can be removed with polish/compound, but I don't know how to answer "how safe is it"? There is no risk removing and the simple process of polishing will remove it.

- There is minimal thickness to Opti-Coat because it bonds with and becomes part of the clear coat.

- Oxidation is prevented which is the prime cause of paint deterioration and fading. The technology is proprietary. Waxing is your choice but is not necessary or durable on a Coated car.

- Opti-Coat Pro has a 5 year warranty, Pro Plus is 7 years and has greater gloss/slickness.

- All OCP Installers are approved, but Certified Installers have been through Optimization Training at the OPT facility in Memphis. There are very professional installers who are not Certified and we recommend interviewing before selecting your detailer.

- With proper care and maintenance, an OCP car can easily exceed the warranty.

- I'm guessing any detailer who says OPT doesn't honor the warranty is not an approved OCP installer. There have been a small number of warranty claims, but none were due to product failure. There have been cases of incorrect application and OPT has corrected or refunded costs. There have been some customers who have not maintained their vehicle or mistreated them (including one car that was road raced), and even then we've taken steps to correct the situation.


There would be no market for a premium product like OCP if it didn't work OR Optimum was an unethical company.

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