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I have an '88 Porsche 944S which has the old single stage (no clear coat) guards red paint. The paint is entirely original and in excellent condition. Your product descriptions reference that Opti-Coat is great for "modern paints". Should I conclude my old single stage paint is not a candidate for your product?


I would love to protect the paint to keep it in its current condition but don't want to use a clear wrap as it could pull the paint up when its useful life expired, which makes your product appealing.



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welcome to the Optimum Forum! Yes, you can apply Optimum Coatings (Opti-Coat Pro or Gloss-Coat) to single stage paints, and it has been done many times. While not as thick as a manufacturers clear, it will provide protection from fading, minor swirling, etching, and other paint problems.

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