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Dr G (or anyone here) I just arrived as a new member, but have some questions... In the event my installer reads this (which he should) I can only say this is just part of my research. I prefer to trust, but verify... I am getting Xpel Ultimate applied to my car next week... It will be a 3/4 coverage of Xpel Ultimate (pretty much everywhere but the butt... I wanted to get Opticoat Pro+ applied afterward because that is what I read online as the best way forward for my new car...


However, my installer has told me that what I have read everywhere is wrong. I have been informed that Opticoat Pro can be applied to the entire car AFTER the Xpel, but if I paid for the PLUS I would be wasting money, because the PLUS will only adhere properly to the sections with actual car paint clear coat, because the PLUS (+) must bond to the vehicles clear coat, and is therefore not advisable...


I heard what was said, but wanted to verify because I have not read that information anywhere else online to back this up. Can anyone here at the source help clarify/verify whether or not Pro+ cannot be applied to Xpel Ultimate? I ask because I have read that Xpel Ultimate has a clear coating on it (part of the Ultimate). I explicitly desired the PLUS for the gloss factor, and chose the this over products such as modesta, and cquartz even though they had been rated very high on gloss. Repeated reviewers indicate that pro by itself does not provide a "pop" (I am looking for a show car look)... (I suppose we all are, but...)


At this point, unless someone can provide clear evidence I am considering just not having the opticoat done and just having the entire car PPF'd with expel ultimate.


Can anyone help?


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Thought I'd answered this under another heading but with the redesign, I can't find it.  So here goes - YES, Opti-Coat Pro Plus can be applied to Xpel Ultimate, has been successfully used many times,  and provides great additional protection.  Xpel's techs tested our Coatings and found them compatible with their film (I have the testimonial email).  Xpel is working on it's own Coating which may explain feedback they're providing installers.  In the same vein, Optimum has developed it's own film that combines OCP.

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