Different between White and Orange Waffle Foam Pad

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I look at the new White Waffle Foam Pad and the Orange Waffle Foam Pad.  I can't tell the different between them.  Their descriptions seem doing the same thing.  Can someone explain their use and abrasiveness?  Thank you.

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So I have the answer(s) from Dr G & Yvan:

Dr G: The white pads work better on some paints and specially in hot climates since they are not affected by heat as much as the orange pads. We will update the website information so that it differentiates the two better. 

Yvan: The white pad is a strange animal , Iron fist in a a velvet glove if you
will. With Hyper Compound it cuts more then the Orange pad. On softer
paints it will finish better then even our black pad. This is why the
description has it as both a cutting and polishing pad. The cell structure
is different then our other waffle pads.

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