Opt Powerclean Rinseless on Tires?


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In the How to: Wheel & Tire Care video on this page, it appears that Powerclean  is not rinsed from the tires, just wiped off. Is this correct? Does Tire Shine neutralize Powerclean?

Everything I have read about Powerclean says it needs to be rinsed. If not, this would be great for in the garage rinseless washes.



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On 7/19/2017 at 8:59 AM, Ron@Optimum said:

we recommend rinsing Power Clean when used on glass, paint, plastic, etc.  It does not need to be rinsed from tires and Tire Shine/Opti-Bond can be applied over it on rubber.

It needs to be rinsed versus just wiped from the wheels though right?

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