Bugs/road tar with ONRWW and order of operations feedback

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Hi All

I recently picked up a bunch of Optimum products for my M3 that has been coated with Pro+ and have a few questions. I used ONRWW, Opti-Seal, Instant Detailer, and Power Clean tonight and am quite happy with the results. I'll probably end up taking a bucket along with some supplies on my trip out to BC lol.

  1. For bugs and things that tend to stick to the paint like road tar, what is the best way to tackle this with ONRWW? The greasy and sticky road tar is pretty annoying to clean off.
  2. Should I be using Opti-Seal with each wash or is once every few washes  sufficient?
  3. I use the two bucket method with the rinse bucket being only water, should it have some ONRWW in it as well?
  4. First time using the ONRWW tonight and wanted to get some feedback on my order of operations
    1. Rinse off car with pressure washer to get the bugs off (then drove home)
    2. Power Clean and wipe down the wheels with a microfibre
    3. Spray the desired panel with a concentrated mix of ONRWW (half of the cap to 1L of water)  and let it sit for a few minutes
    4. Used the big red sponge as per some youtube videos featuring Yvan
    5. A single light spray of Opti-Seal on the wet panel (a single light mist on the microfibre before starting the drying process)
    6. Dry with microfibre
    7. Light mist and wipe down with the Instant detailer 30 minutes after the whole car is done



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  • 2 months later...

Sorry for the delay, we've had web issues.   For bugs/tar, Power Clean is a strong cleaner and Instant Detailer will remove as well (just not as fast).  You can use Opti-Seal for every wash with no issues, or periodically.   Used as a drying aid  (#5 of your wash process) is an easy way to apply.  I put ONR in my rinse bucket to help dissolve dirt on the BRS (or whatever media you use).  Your process looks excellent to me and should result in a spectacular vehicle!

As for Garry Dean method, I've never used it but find no fault with it.  It seems a little overkill to me, but has it's supporters.

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