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I'm going to ask the detailer who will apply opti-coat pro+ to my Subaru Forester the same questions but I thought I would ask here too.

I noticed there are both "Opti-Coat Maintenance" products as well as the regular Optimum Products. I've used ONRW&S and just noticed that there's an Opti-Coat ONR.  Should I use the Opti-Coat maintenance products if the car has Opti-Coat PRO+? Does it really matter? Are these primarily sold to professional detailers?

I have some smaller bottles of Optimum products that I'm currently using and that I've also used in the past. I'd prefer to keep using them until they're gone but if there is some major issue I would obviously stop.

Also, with regards to washing, I won't have access to a hose but could use a Sunjoe Cordless Power Washer.  It sprays at 1100psi max.  I doubt that's good enough for a foam gun but I'm thinking a lower setting would be ok for spraying off caked on dirt and salt during the winter. I take it that wouldn't affect the Opticoat?




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The Opti-Coat line of products is sold through installers and directly at Optimum's online stores (opticoat.com and optimumcarcare.com).  The Opti-Coat line is specifically for Coated cars, but other Optimum products will work with no issues.  Your power washer will not remove or reduce Opti-Coat Pro.

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