Opti-Coat Maintenance Line


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I'm having my vehicle done with Opticoat Pro, maybe Pro Plus. The dealer said I'll be using mainly two products; Opti Coat No rinse and Hyper seal, both under the Opti-Coat Maintenance section of the website. I guess it's the new formulated stuff for maintaining coated vehicles. 


I believe I may do the one bucket method with the Opti-Coat NR and toss the towel aside once dirty and continue with a fresh clean one. Followed by Hyper seal as a drying aid. 

Can the new formula; Opti-Coat NR be diluted to use as a prespray to the paint surface, much like Optimum NR, before hitting it with the washing media and OC-NR /H2O mixture ; or would I want to use a different product for a prespray? I'm trying to add as much encapsulation and protection as possible without going nuts and calling Fort Knox for product expense. 



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