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Little background. I’ve been detailing with my parents for a car lot since I was younger. Stopped for a while now doing it on the side for extra cash. I currently work as a lab technician for a chemical company. 

To start I enjoy detailing and I have loads of people I work with and in my area interested in my detailing work. The amount of chemicals and brands they have now compared to what my parents and I used before is crazy. I have an efficient process now to cleaning vehicles and most of them are muddy and extremely dirty and looking for a good wash and wax ( power lock and Collinite wax). 

But also more lately I have customers interested in coating. I used Gyeon Mohs on my wife and I’s vehicles and I have nothing bad to say about it. But the optimum line and the synergy and efficiency of their products has really got me interested. 

My thinking in ordering products from optimum is to include in my arsenal and replace some things. Because of the nature of most of the vehicles I detail a power wash with a foam cannon and two bucket method I still feel is necessary. But I’m interested in after the vehicle is clean (using some of their products) after including all optimum products in the decon, polishing, and coating of the vehicle. 

Snapshot of process: wheels, engine bay, foam cannon, rinse, two bucket wash, onr for windows, door Jabs, clay lube, and clay towel to decon, using the hyper polish twins for polishing and opt pads. Then paint prep for the application of gloss coat on paint and wheels, Opti seal on the exterior windows and interior trim. Along with the onr and other products when applicable for the interior. 

I like the efficiency of this process and being able to apply gloss coat to most of the exterior parts and seal for the glass instead of 627 different products to coat a vehicles different parts. 

Glad to find this forum. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning what I can. 


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